Samsung Contacts Transfer,Switch Contacts from Old Galaxy to New Galaxy

As we all know Android is a brilliant operating system for portable devices, but it also has its own problem at the same time – the Android devices may run more and more slowly over time because more and more Apps you’ve installed on your devices can run themselves in the background without your permission. That is also the reason why Android users always complain that their devices are getting clumsier and clumsier. Some users who want an eternal-fluent cellphone may switch to iPhone, but some people still love Android because of its liberty and less constrains. Is there any way to make the best of both worlds?

This problem is not just considered about by the users, but also the Android system developers. Now the latest Android 5 has been released and the developers are trying to fix the problem of the execution efficiency of the former versions of Android. It means that the cellphone with Android 5.0 may run more fluently than ever before.

However, the Android 5.0 required a 64-bit processor of your device. So if your cellphone is too old to meet the basic requirement of Android 5.0, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, you may have no chance to update your operating system directly from Android 4.0. And maybe it is the time to replace your cellphone with another more powerful one.

Such as some latest-released devices, the latest Samsung devices- Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge can run well on Android 5.0. You may have waited for a long time to purchase it and replace your old Samsung device. But firstly you also have something to do. After all, all contacts, text messages, photos, music, calendar, apps and more are saved on your old device, and you need to transfer contacts from old Galaxy phone to your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge , that is really important. No need to be too worried about the differences between the different versions of Android, here is a powerful Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data transfer tool – Samsung Data Transfer which can help you accomplish this task with just simple clicks.

Switch Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to New Galaxy

Samsung Data Transfer is a professional transfer tool designed to transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, audio, videos calendar and apps between iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian) and BlackBerry in just one click! It is worth trying because it has the following powerful and amazing features:

  • Mobile Transfer is a professional transmission tool to transfer data between mobile phones.
  • It is able to help you back up smartphone data to computer and restore the backup from PC quickly and safely.
  • Support to erase up all information of Android device effectively.
  • Last but not least, it ensures no compromise of quality of the transferred content and it is risk-free so that you don’t need to worry about the leaking of personal information.

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Android contacts to another andorid transfer ,Google sync and facebook can do it .In fact,Samsung Messages Backup software also do it .It supports transfer contacts from android to android ,android to iPhone.

Android mobile managersupports to connect two devices at one time, then you can manage and transfer your contacts easily.

By Samsung Backup transfer samsung contacts .It is a powerful backup tool which enables you to transfer data such as contacts, sms, photos, videos, music from Samsung Galaxy s7/s6/s5 s4/s3/s2, note to PC.

Well, I think this can be easily done by the help of Kies itself, You just need to make a backup of your device that’s all, because same can be done with the help of Kies.

You can transfer your all contacts old phone to new phone by a small size App like-

And there is another option
Syncronize your all contacts with your google account
and Fetch those contacts by using same account on your new Samsung phone.

The best way to solve this prolem is to use Mobile Phone Transfer tools. It is easy to use and has simple interface, just need connect both of your two phones, and then choose files to transfer.

Acctually, you can use Android Mobile Manager to manage your android data.

You can make change accordingly your comfortableness,
In either app store, search for ‘Smart Switch’. With Smart Switch Mobile, data transfer between Galaxy devices is easy. Place your devices close together (within 8 inches) and run the app on both.

Thanks for your post, to transfer contacts between two samsung galaxy phone, i think it’s more convenient to use a mobile transfer app to help.
You just need to connect yout two device to computer via the usb cable at the same time and start the app to transfer data.

You want to move contacts between two Samsung without any data losing, it is not difficult to operating among the android phone ,when you do search on the Google or ohter Internet for an effective way to fix this task ,perhaps ,some article can tell you that you can easy and fast transfer data between differen phone , actually , it may be a great loss for you if you using common tools , due to certain reason to leading some or all of data on the phone will get lost after you operation is overed , such as operation errors or device does not support , that is the reason it is very important to know how to move contacts from old Samsung to new Samsung,
Here is a method so that help you complete this task ,besides , you can [b]move contacts from android to iPhone[/b] without any risk in this way,as well SMS ,photos music ,app,and the other files etc,

It is easy to move data to your new SAMSUNG device, just backup samsung contacts data and restore them on your new one. Here I’d like to share MobiKin Assistant for Android to all Android users who are looking for a good Android Manager tool. With it, you can easy to transfer, backup and manage your Samsung files on computer.

rescued, just what I was looking for

Phone to phone Transfer tool can help you transfer your contacts from old Samsung to new Samsung phone.
I recommend you to try Mobikin Transfer for Mobile.
You just need to connect your two phones to the computer, and select the wanted contacts to transfer.

There is Samsung Transfer that allows you to transfer contacts from the old one to new one.It is specially designed for Samsunf device to transfer data.The operation is easy.You could try.