Samsung Ad Hub and overall experience with Samsung?

Hi Folks,

before asking a question a short summary of my experiences with Samsung.

  1. They provide a free app QA review. In my case most of their errors are related with their camera/phone hybrid which I decided not to support as I cannot troubleshoot it. Anyway - its a free review and they can catch some bugs you need to work on.

  2. The downloads are nothing close to what I see in Google Play but they are there and its better to have them than not.

  3. No registration fee if I remember right. Admin console a little bit problematic but you get used to it after few updates.

Now questions

  1. what is your experience with this market, what are the hints you can provide?
  2. anyone tried their ad service - both from publisher and advertiser standpoint? I wonder if being an advertiser there is not a good option to get ranked better in their store?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

don’t you mean sumsung app market? adhub is their advertising network, and Samsung is decent but not the greatest, goal is to get apps in top free sections but it is hard to do.

I am asking for both. I have my apps on Samsung App Market but no idea how to market them there (hence - I would like to know if it makes sense to use their ad system).