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Saga and Candy trademarked by

Candy Crush Saga Dev Goes After The Banner Saga - IGN

The Banner Saga - completely not related game is under fire already.

Just so we know to avoid those two words in any of our games. Tower Defense is also off limits. As is Scrolls apparently.

This is soooo fcked up :open_mouth: I wonder would they go after The Twilight Saga as well? :smiley:

Apparently author of this game already has got letter from them:

Here’s whole story:

I can’t use the word “Candy” in my game nor can anyone else. Thank you Candy Crush. : Entrepreneur

It’s understandable they want to protect their work, but it’s just silly that they can have trademark on single, common word - without some graphic context (design, colors etc). There’s big difference between “Candy crush saga cheats” and “Candy mania”, “Candy puzzle” etc.

Let’s wait until someone will trademark words / sentences like “word”, “bubble”, “bubble shooter”, “jump”, “run” etc. Or even better - “game”, “puzzle”.

Also, check this out :wink:

Candy Jam -

I will choose the word “2014” for trademark :smiley:

Words can not be copyrighted only the logo or a title not an actual word