s3 drained battery life a lot

Lying and watching videos/animes and playing games are my favoriate things at home. I know there’s must a thousand of these threads but my battery drained really a lot in tha last hour(played for about 1 hour and it went from full down to 65%…horrible!) because of videos and games And base on a simple test Ive made. Sometimes I was playing game and got called away by my mum. Without leaving the app, my battery would lost about even 50% when I got back hour later. My Galaxy S3 needs backup battery(extend to 6000mAh already ) or my phone not enough for my heavy usage…and I am tired of those common tips. In fact, compare to my previous android phones, samsung s3 is not that bad. For those only spend not so many hours each for calling, browsing and watching videos, it should be enough for two full days of usage, or one full day for heavier usage.

I had checked background tasks and see how many are running there, it explains the matter if you installed a lot. My friend told me to uninstall games play silent buzzing (you can hear it by putting the phone near ear) when not to home screen.

Wander if there are some notorious games/apps kill battery life and would you plz give me some fun but low power consumption game list? Thanks!

It may be a rogue app causing the issue. If you want to know whats draining the battery go to the settings go to about phone then status then batters and it will show you what is using the most of your battery.

Just root your device and uninstalled all samsung apps and the one which you never use or even by titanium backup you can freeze it

If your s3 have a battery drainage issue then first you check your running apps or moving wallpapers because these are killing your battery life it must be stop or changed.

S3 good phone, battery price 1-2 USD. What a problem ? I have with my 2 spare battery every time. 3g eat battery for 1-2 hours to empthy. Without wifi ,games and 3g he work full one day no problem.
Battery lost they maximum power after 3-4 month if charge every day. I will buy S5 only if samsung will make back door for change battery. Any phone withot back battery door breacks your mobility.
Pity to see a crowd of people at the airport connected to phone charger ( Yes! Its I PHONE and SONY owners )

Well, you also check your running apps or screen server which also cause to drain battery.

Battery life always an issue with Android, unfortunately.

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I agree with you korunt, wifi or 3g drains lots of battery so if you are using these services you should have a battery backup.