Russian advertising networks

Ребята кто из России? вообще тут есть наши люди)
Давайте обсудим что у нас есть из рекламных сетей, я вот тут нашел кто то пробывал с ними работать?
Wapstart, Adappter, Begun, Adappter, Adwired, Madnet

Guys who are from Russia? in general there is our people)
Let’s discuss what we have from ad networks here I found someone probyval work with them?

I worked with wapstart. They have 1000$ limit for month to withdraw money.

It’s good we have done) I have not tried them.

I’ve tried Wapstart. The support is great, money withdrawal is quite fast… can pay by Paypal if asked.

What do you mean by “They have 1000$ limit for month to withdraw money”? I have withdrew less than $1000 without any issues.

Maybe it’s $1000 maximum withdrawal per month…

It doesn’t make sense. What if I make $1K per day?

I know…

I am Russian but I am not in Russia. From what I heard, its not worth the sweat to chart in there.

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It’s my first time that I heard about that networks. And most profitable regions is EU+America, for Russia its 1cent/click. Not really sure what these adNetworks can offer(still that 1c/click?). If someone has some stats, that would be nice.

Then you must be registered as company and make contract with them.

Hi Guys,

You can try MiniMob ad network.
They have good ads inventory in Russia.

We, as a LEVITEO have partnership with MiniMob - when you sign in (it’s free) by our program Leviteo - Boost your app revenue! (promo code is: “leviteo”) you will get guarantee money for every active app install - 0,05USD.
What is more, you will get paid for ads inventory which is served to your apps by MiniMob.

To sum up: go to Minimob - Smart Push Notifications - sign in - enter promo code “leviteo” - install SDK and see how works earning reports inside the console.

My best!

Push Notifications are history.

Do not worry!
Present offer is still valid, but we are also working on other monetization opportunities for you guys (that would be even better)!
We are in the middle of negotiation process with MiniMob about CPI rates for alternative Android markets.
Stay tuned!

Hello, is there any news about Minimob and other ads network from Russia?

Hey guys, you can also have a look at Pollfish too. Russia is the 3rd biggest pool at Pollfish.