Ridiculously low AdMob RPM


I have been using AdMob for little over a year now. I have 5 apps, all using AdMob banner ads, which generates 120-200k requests every day total. The last 5 months or so, I have seen a huuuge drop in revenue, even though I have almost twice as many active users. Most days the request RPM stat is at $0.1, and the worst days its at $0.05. Compared to the RPM I had the first 6 months ($0.5-0.8) this is absolutely ridiculous. How can I improve the RPM? The refresh rate is 45 sec for all apps.

Is there any other network which offers similar banner ads like AdMob and usually gives better RPM? At this point I’d rather make my apps ad-free than earn five cents per 1k requests…

i guess low CTR is the problem. many requests + low number of clicks = low RPM. i guess that’s the problem. i make 40000-50000 requests a day with one game and my eCPM of that game is 0,01

You might be experiencing growth, but in countries that don’t have any inventory. Sure you’re having more active users, but where they’re coming from makes all the difference.

from time to time this happens, but in couple of days the eCPM goes back to “normal”.

In my case it didn’t go back to normal. I just started using mediation and set adMob as the lowest network.

I’m experiencing the same for last couple of days…very low ctr, rpm…may be what toxic has said is right.

Last days I see more than twice less CPC in admob. Don’t know what exactly happening, but more than twice less CPC is really too much. Also possible, that they started to give very small portion to developers

I’m facing the same problem, very low CTR.

I think it’s due to the world cup.
Maybe all ads are about football apps and people are already set.
What do you guys think?

Now that Amazon is offering $6 EPCM for a limited time , google will soon boost Admob revenue. So I think its short term Admob can’t afford their developers to be unhappy for too long.

I don’t know if it’s that easy. What else could google do?
Today France is giving me 0.01€/click, it’s too damn low!
Adding to that, people just don’t click like they did anymore :frowning:
0.59% CTR + 0.18€ RPM it’s a new low record for me…

Yea I hope so, they really need to step up.

My app has arround 150-250k impressions per day. avarage rpm shifts between .28 on a good day to 0.16 on a bad day.
avarage money per day arround 50 euros.
My app started in december last year and growing with ± 50k impressions per month. I haven’t seen a lot of changes in rpm.
I am running bottom banners only. played arround with interstials, but found them too user intrusive.
I find the money quite low for such an amount of impressions, but have no clue what to do.

was in same shoe and did not want to abuse users. so i played only banners and gave option of DONATE to users.

Noone cared to donate. I could not putchase my drink.

Put logic of showing interstitial on every 5th session. I am happy man after this decision. revenue boosted like NASA rocket. it became 3 times without giving any new features.

you should make sure that the ads you’re showing, are indeed relevant for your users.
that way, more users will click them.
for example, a kid playing candy crush might not be interested in dating sites, but would like to download more games.
to do that you can use adboost, which gives this information to the ads network. besides, it will help you to measure how well each ads network is doing for you.

  • disclaimer: i work for adience, the guys who made adboost.

what is adboost by the way? being lazy to browse in my cellphone.

is it ad network or works closely with ad network and privides ad filter input to network?

does every network supports this?

Keep calm and use Start App :smiley:

AdBoost is not an ad network. It works with ad networks to improve ad relevancy, to get higher eCPMs. It works with all the major networks: AdMob, Mopub, millenial, revmob, Startapp, inmobi, and more. Check the site for more info: www.adience.com

does anyone pf you silent viewers are using it?
any visible differences? :confused:

Do you notice lower RPM and revenue for the days of July? My revenue dropped with 3€-4€ daily.

Its very low RPM in admob from 5th july.
Dropped by 30% almost.

Just wanted to know if any of you have noticed it??