Rewarded video ads / intestitials

I implemented rewarded video ads in my app with StartApp.
Although I don’t have enough downloads by now to be sure that users actually use the feature, I tried it by myself and saw such a low income that I’d better take them away directly: it’s near zero, if not zero at all.
Actually also interstitials with StartApp recently give me really almost nothing, although also video interstitials appear often (and they are very repetitive).

Said that, what is NOW the best interstitials / video / rewarded video ads on the market?

Thank you.

Appnext has a new rewarded SDK. I’m just trying to experiment, but the results are good, very good. Since they are the best in standard interstitial, it’s definitely wroth the shot.
When I have more data myself, I will update.

I heard about such things, but I most often download videos from a tick of current, with the help of an excellent tool that can be found here - very conveniently, you insert a link there, and it gives you a ready-made video right away, and since I’m sure all of you use tick current, because it is very popular, you will be delighted.