Revmob and Appnext opinion

Hi guys,

For devs that been using these network for more than 2 months,
I’d like to get your input about this 2 networks in terms of safety (any apps banned coz of those networks?)
and revenue generated comparing to startapp/airpush?


Today i received the first payment of Appnext, and didn’t have any problem. I have the click tag ad of Appnext and during 3 months i have an eCPM of $2.57.

Good luck!

Mizizi just make sure to read the terms of service with AppNext payment schedule 1st before joining up. As you should do with any AD network.

I think startapp is more safer than airpush. Someone get banned when integrate airpush. I tried with startapp and get good result. You can see my revenue from startapp in my signature below