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[Review + Rating Exchange + G+] Scooby Dog Doo - Adventure

Hello everyone,

Please Rate, Review and G+ my new game Scooby Dog Doo - I will return you same things for your apps. I will keep your game on my device at least 2 weeks, please do the same with my game

Please use "Scooby Do Dog Adventure jungle " in your review.


I gave you 5*, a g+ and a nice review for your Scooby Doo game (as Rick). Looks good, the style is spot on. :slight_smile:

Would you rate my game, using keywords like deadly or dodo? That’d be great!


installed, reviewed and g+ under the name daniel murru.

Can you do the same with my game?


Hi mohamed
I rated and reviewed and G+ your app under name “Mohamed chanya”
please do the same for my app*