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Please review my app and in exchange I will review yours.

An addictive puzzle game. Join tiles to get the 2048 tile.
Game Instructions:

  • Swipe to move tiles (up, down, right, left)
  • When two equal tiles touch, they merge into one tile. When a 2048 tile is formed, the player wins.

Hi, I rated for you "good It’s really useful ", please do the same for mine:
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@vantruongtlhp: Reviewed, rated and g+ed your app.
Great app! Has some awesome wallpapers.

5 Stars
I love this game :slight_smile:
Please refer my app

@hetpin: Thanks a lot. Reviewed, rated and G+ed your app.
Comment:Great app with an awesome design!

done, reviewed as Popesc Silviu.
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Done! Rated 5 stars, g+1 and reviewed (by Shawman King) as follows:

“Fun - Nice 2014 game”

Please recip the same to:


Hi everybody, i see that members are normally create thread for “review/5stars/g+ exchange”.
With this way, one member only can review for some others only, and it consume many time.

From this, i come up with the IDEA: CREATE A PROMOTE TEAM
We rate in exchange for each others.
Register your app on this spreadset.

Imagine that, When team reach 500 members, you will have 500 review/5star/g+ for your app.
It will be a great kick-off for increasing your app rank.

@onlinegamefree, @silviu.georgian: reviewed, rated and G+ed your games
@onlinegamefree: An addictive and fun game! @silviu.georgian: An entertaining game. Fun to play!

Done rate it 5* and g+ed with name “khang nguyen” and my comment “Love this game”

Please help my app, thank!

5* g+ and commented Nice game great version of my favorite game (mirostraka)
heres mine

Done rate it 5* and g+ed with name “Wael Hesham” and my comment “Interesting game, like it”

Please help my app, thank!

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Done for rate with 5*, G+, comment as name “kim wuchoong”
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I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “anvu nguyen”. Would you please help me review two above games?
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