Review Exchanges. Are they allowed?


First post :wink: Been scouting these forums for some time now, great community, learned so much.

I have recently release my first app and i am thinking about posting a message on the promote your app page. However i am concerned google will ban you for this?

Surely Google see it as suspicious behavour… when and app gets several downloads, 5 stars ratings, +1’s, and then uninstalled (probably).

Also there are loads of apps doing the review echanges that seem to be taken down when i try to see them. coincidence?

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I’m somewhat curious about this as well. However, its possible that the apps that you see taken down could be for other reasons as well? Are there any in particular posts that you can recall, as I’m curious what sort of app it may have been…
These concerns did cross my mind as well at first, but I figured that I had nothing to loose… my main 2 games don’t have a very high retention rate and I didn’t make them to “become rich” (although, lets not kid ourselves, that would be nice lol) so I figured I had nothing to loose by posting exchanges for my second game release.
I figure at best, Google would probably just remove the reviews, but never underestimate Google I suppose…

I had another quick look and found a few examples. But on second inspection alot of the may have had certain words in thier titles or may have just been spammy apps.

I guess if the where not compliant they wouldnt be so popular.
It just worries me, I spent alot of time making my game and would like it to stay up.
Also i see in the google play policies it says we are not allowed to offer incentives for ratings. is “ratings for ratings” not an incentive?

Noone knows really, becouse google keeps this kind of information to themselves - today it might be fine, tommorow they may burn your account to the ground for it.

What is defenetly punished by google is paying for reviews.

Exchange is on the edge - you might, but don’t have to be punished for it.