[Review Exchange] - Will Give two Different Reviews in Return

Rate, review, and G+ our game for what it deserves. We will return the favor from two different accounts.

Try and use the word “Jelly” in your comment, if it works :slight_smile:


Thanks Much!

Hello, just rated * , g+ and commented as miro straka
here is mine
thank you

done. 5 stars, review and comment. Name Zoran Stojanovic.

Please do the same to my app: (keywords “GPS Cycling”)

Done 5* and G+ as Naser Abuhamdan, also my partner , 5* and G+ as Khaled Mreizeeq = 2 Reviews :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


I have rated, Reviewed and G plus’d your app under the name D J

Please do the same for my app as well




Done 5* and G+ as Naser Abuhamdan, A review from Khaled Mreizeeq should be on anytime soon :slight_smile: he is informed, so that makes it 2 reviews as promised.

Thank you

Very Nice :slight_smile: Done 5* and G+ as Naser Abuhamdan, Khaled Mreizeeq review also on the way, so thats two reviews :slight_smile:

Thank you

Sometimes having many apps to review we “rarely” forget to reply with two reviews, please let me know or PM me if we do because your right is two reviews in return :slight_smile: But so far so good~!

Thank you

I Rated 5 star and did g+1 with my name Jacques Bussière . Pls rate and do g+1 for my app.
don’t unstall my app a 7 day :slight_smile:


Plz use kyeword : chicken run game
chicken run

if you done before tell me i send you ohter app

thank you


Thanks for your rating, I noticed I have already done your game before by Naser Abuhamdan and my partner khaled mreizeeq my friend after you kindly Rated our other game Breakout Blast.

But I did a new review for you under Gamephuzz, 5* and Rate, and im not going to uninstall it :slight_smile: you can also give me a link to yiur other game and will do two reviews for that too by Naser Abuhamdan and khaled mreizeeq :slight_smile: just send me a link and thank you again :slight_smile:

I rated, reviewed and G+ your app
My Name: .
My Message: Luv this App! A Genius Game!

Please do the same for mine: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motionpixtheater.ged_quiz



Thanks for your rating, I have rated 5* and G+ as Naser Abuhamdan, A review and rating by Khaled Mreizeeq should be there too anytime soon now :slight_smile:

Thank you