Review Exchange! Trivia Game

Hi guys, I’ve recently posted a basketball-related trivia game. If you guys will download, 5 star review it and click an ad or two, I will gladly return the favor! Please use the term “76ers” “76er” or “Philadelphia” in the review!

Just post when you’ve reviewed it and let me know your app link! Thanks

Done, gave you 5*, g+ and a nice review for your trivia game (as Rick E.) with all the keywords you requested. Good luck with it!

Will you rate my game? I prefer the keywords “deadly” and “dodo”

(or in case you’ve already rated it once, please rate my secondary game: )

5 stars and G +1 done: Eugene Zavarzin
Please do me the same favour:

Try to use keywords: “make money”, “make cash”, “earn points”, “cash”, “money” etc. in your review.

I’ve rated and g+ it as Verdy Rizaldi
Please do the same to my game:

Hi SixersTrivia,

I have downloaded your game, gave it 5 stars and shared it on G+. [as Chris E]

Could you do the same in return for my game? [could you also use any of these keywords in your review? candy, blast, mania, delicious]

Thank you,

I reviewed your app with 5 stars Pls could you do the same with my game if you want we have also a facebook page