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Review [EXCHANGE] Sprinx

This is a new game I published. Let me know your endeavors and I will review your app. Any thoughts on Sprinx would be Appreciated.

Video Promo:

The object of the game is simple. Touch all of the Points on the board and then go through the vortex to the next level.


rated your game
Christian Quen

rated pls my game

Done with Oliver Schmidt. Please do the same

I’ve installed, reviewed, G+ and rated your app under name Khai Phan Tri.
I will leave this app 2 weeks on my phone.
Please do the same:
Please include my keyword “Hot Girl” onto your review.


Can you ban this guy yet?
Join 2 days ago. Rates everyone app a 4 (without looking at it), so much for hard work and programming.
Tries to push some Appypie picture viewer as a 5.

Thanks for the 4. Next time i’m looking for Application creativity, Appypie is it for me!

Done my review, and it’s here JumblyApps

Anyone who tried it, did you actually finish this game? Just Wondering.


I rate your app. Please check your private message.

P/S: Im playing this game. It’s awesome and funny. I love it. :X

5 stars and G+
Link to my app: