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Hi guys,

REVIEW my game with 5* and comment . I will do the same for you!


Please download and open it first otherwise the review doesn’t count !!! :smiley:

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Done as Randy R. in your review. I really like it!
Please do the same for me:
Thank you very much!

Done for you 5 stars and +G

downloaded, played and rated as samuel kunik, please do the same here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sam.braintrainer

Done for you 5 stars and +G :slight_smile:

hey man,
your game is funny! I played until level 24.
I have G+ and 5 star-reviewed your game as John. I will keep your game for 1 week at least

please do the same (5 stars and G+) to my game https://goo.gl/gKJXjA, a short review of 2-3 words like “good game!” is enough for me :slight_smile: thanks!

Done Rated and reviewed 5 stars, as “Abhishek vicky”
please do the same (5 stars and G+) to my app
waiting for your review and G+


Done as Sachin Sood. in review, 5* rating I love your app
Please do the same for me:
Thank you very much!

Done for you friend , 5 starr reviewand G+

Done 5 stars and +G

Done for you 5 stars and +G

Sent Pm for you. Please check it.

Done as “Dail Souza” plz do the same for me

Done 5 stars and +G :smiley:

I have reviewed for you. Please check PM

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I’ve reviewed and g+ your app.
Please review mine:

Done 5 stars and +G

Please check your PM

hay im not getting any review
plz do the same
waiting for your replay