Review exchange group for devs.


There are lots of exchange groups for devs but none of them works properly. At least i didn’t encounter any of them.

I’m trying to build a proper working one and for this i’ve determined some rules:

  1. First rule of dev club is you don’t talk about dev club.
  2. Members must download, rate and comment all of the written applications.
  3. Rates and comments must be positive.
  4. Each member can only share 1 app per month.
  5. Apps can only be shared one time.
  6. Not following one of these rules is enough for removal.
  7. Members must rate at least one app which is shared after their participation, before sharing their own app.
  8. Only founder can be privileged from these rules.

I’m aiming for 50 members for starters. Even +50 download and rates can make a big difference in the first days of the app.

So if you are interested i need two things.

  1. Your facebook profile link for sending you invite.

  2. Your google account name (nickname) for keeping track of the votes. You can also send this after joining group.

Write here or pm me and i’ll send an invitation asap.

Feel free to ask any other thing that bothers you.

LOL is that why the other systems don’t work for you?

No. Because I’ve already violated rule no.1 :slight_smile: and will have to violate rule no.7 to get things started. Other rules will be same for me as well.

I like this part.
I’m thinking about building system for android users to earn money (install, rate, write review).