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We are Cardboard Claw Games, a new studio which makes mobile games. We proudly present our new game,
Anticore: Rocket Ace

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Anticore: Rocket Ace

The evil organization AmpedCore is ready to conquer the world. Are you going to let them?
Depart on a fast paced flight to stop them and become a great Ace!

● Fly infinitely over different places while avoiding crashing. How long will you keep up?

● Lot of characters and artifacts to obtain, each one with their own characteristics and unique abilities.

● Intuitive and easy to learn controls which will make you feel at home right off the bat.

● Intense encounters with bosses from the organization.

● Pick up power ups which will affect your game

● Incredible ambience and soundtrack

● Support for horizontal screen orientation, ideal for tablets.

Confront AmpedCore, collect all characters and artifacts, rank up, surpass your friends!
Anticore awaits you!

Check it out! Avaliable for Android phones and tablets.

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