[Review exchange] Exchange Review 5* and G+ [Real Device Only]

Review exchange 5* and G+ [real device only]


Please avoid private messaging.

Great App!
I give you 5 stars, comment and G+.

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Thank You, done as VKM


Done. 5* g+ under Oracle Paradiser…
Plz do mine…

Done as Mikel Calvo, link to my app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fanthomstudios.slidetheball

Thank you, done as VKM

Thank you,
Done as VKM

Downloaded and rated!!

private message sent.

waiting for your vote.

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Done from my side, rate 5 and G+ under name Charlie Cate
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Please do same ASAP!

5 stars, comment and G+.
Edu López

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reviewed 5 star.
and this is a very awesome effort.