[Review Exchange] - Decision Calculator

Please download my new app, Decision Calculator, leave a positive review, and keep it installed on your device for several days and I will do the same for you!

Decision Maker can be downloaded from Google Play here, https://goo.gl/PDtkjh.

Please leave the name that you left the review under.


Just sent PM for you. Please check it thanks.

Done and PM’d you. Thanks!

Rated, reviewed and g+ given as Artzei R!

Here’s my new game, please do the same and keep it installed at least for a week, i will do the same:

give positive reviews and then send me link i will do same for u

Done. I left a 5 star review under the name Mark Fairless.

Please do the same for my app, https://goo.gl/PDtkjh.

Thanks and good luck!