Reminder App

Reminder App + Group Texting + Birthday Wisher


Now Never forget your Important Events. Events will be scheduled automatically, this will save your time to add reminder manually.

Smart Reminder and Notifier is a productivity reminder app that will automatically process incoming SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Gmail messages and automatically add a reminder for you. This app will remind you automatically on or before the scheduled time based on settings.

This app will also help you to remind the expiry dates of your cell phone packages like SMS, Call, the Internet or any other Packages. Once the app receives any message which contains a date and/or time, the message will be scheduled for you automatically, you do not need to add reminder manually for each and everything. However, reminders can be added manually based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


  • Supports Automatic Reminders for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Gmail Messages (Android 4.4+)
  • Quick Reply: This will pop up a window when a message is received which asks for email or contact number of any of your friend. This window has useful information in (+) button to reply quickly.

Using Group Messaging Feature now send the message automatically to your loved ones, just add all the messages you have to queue and schedule group message to send to them automatically daily/weekly. This feature uses built in groups of phone contacts/ google contact groups. This feature also allows you to forward the message to all peoples in groups except the one from which you have received the similar/same message.

Check out a short video on Scheduled Group Messaging:

To add messages to Queue, first Add group and configure it, then share messages to this app and select group.

For step by step guide: Group Messaging made easier using Smart Reminder and Notifier (SRN) - Android App - GalaxySofts

Q: How to Create Groups?
A: This App uses your built-in contacts Groups if you want to create one, create it in Android’s Contacts and Add peoples in that group. This App will fetch Group as well as peoples in the Android’s Contacts Groups.

Scheduled Group Messaging: Schedule a Contacts Group and Add messages to the queue, the messages will be sent automatically as scheduled.
Unique Messages: Every time, this app will send the next message available in the queue.
Repeat the Queue: Once all messages from queue are sent to group, it will repeat the queue from first message if set in Options.

If you want to be the First to wish Birthday to your loved ones then this app is for you. This feature allows you to scan contacts and extract birthday information and cell numbers and schedule Birthday Message to be sent at given cell number automatically at exactly 12:00 am (midnight).

Automatic Birthday Information: Scan Contacts for Birthdays and leave the rest to this app.
Birthday Reminders: Using Birthday Reminders Never Forget to wish anyone on time.
Custom Cell Number: Add cell number (if not extracted automatically).
Custom Birthday Message: You can define custom Birthday Message for Special peoples and send default birthday message to remaining.

If you want to add more android applications to get processed and reminders from them can be added automatically, drop an email to [email protected] regarding the application addition request.