Remember to use Referrals Program

Hi all,

As I received my last payments, I realized that I’m making a lot of money on referrals. Both Starapplication and Startapp pay me great money for inviting friends.

They getting a joining bonus (for Starapplication it’s 25$ just to sign up), and I made money from their views.

It’s a good way to earn more money, so don’t forget to invite your friends to any network you work with.

AppFlood also has a fairly new referral program you can try:

AppFlood Referral Program

5% for 5 years, no limit on earnings in that time.

Thanks! I will give it a try.

Let’s see how it’s working with Starapplication and startapp ads, I don’t want to lose the views to another comapny that doesn’t work for me.

As for now, I’m very happy with them.