Releasing apps - very long delay?

Hi. Did anyone notice that releasing apps now takes longer than usual? I released app yesterday, about 30 hours ago and the app is still not visible on the market… Maybe there is some longer checking regarding Google policy…

Can you find your app when you type in the title in quotes? I started a new store few days ago and cant find the ones without a very unique name.

No, there is NO APP IN THE STORE AT ALL (checked with package name and dev name). In dev console everything looks OK… But no stats and downloads for last 30 hours

then it might be too generic of an app and they are reviewing them. Apparently this is a new process, when the app is not unique enough. I have several apps posted and its been a week now and the apps are not showing up in the searches.

I had 2 situations:

1- Publish the APP and 2 hours later I could access the URL but couldnt find in the searches. But after some days and downloads I can find the app in the searches.

2 - Public the APP and 2 hours later I could access the URL but after an hour I couldnt access the URL again, the app is gone. After that, I unpublished the app to avoid banned. But I really dont know I could be banned or not.

I think google is changing, and this is bad. Is hard to put a new APP or GAME in store now.

Google seem to be reviewing new account’s first apps/generic apps (among other types surely).

and mmmkkkksss has lot of first apps every now and then :slight_smile:

Perhaps now uploaded too many updates legacy applications. And the system postpones release of new application.

I saw that people wrote, that they review especially the first apps and etc.

I opened a new google play account yesterday, after couple hours I published first app and it was online after 2-3 hours.

Probably they have a different algorithm to put apps into queue or not

I don’t know I publish new app every now and then and it takes 2 -3 hours max to be published …

Yeah it won’t be every time. And yes Google adores their algorithms, which is most likely the case here.

It doesn’t necessarily apply to new apps on the same account. It seems to be the first app on a new account. Lots of developers have multiple accounts for various reasons.

when you do a search for your app, keyword you’re trying to get, does your app show up?

of course not, it always take some time until you see it in search. In my case it always took at least 2-3 days before you find it with search, now I only see it with the link (package name, or opening from play store developer console)

can you share your link. I think I have an idea of whats going on, but need to check it first. Google is doing something with the title, to determine the
“uniqueness” of your app. Kinda stupid in my OP

Sorry, I cannot, but sure it is not the case. There are around 10 apps that does the same as my new app, and couple of them have the same name.

ok nm then. gl

It’s not only uploading apps, also description update not works. Waiting 7 hours to change description. Google Play not updating :expressionless:

Strange… I published 1 app and waiting 3 days without result… Then I released next one and this one was published after 1-2 hours… On the same, fresh account… Strange:/

Probably they have stupid bot (like beta) and they think that created AI :wink: - they should hire 500 chinese or indian to find bad apps :confused:
Your app appeared couple hours ago? So it’s very strange because they don’t want update my description for 8?9? hours. Just changed it again and ill check.