Release as Stage Rollout

Hey guys I want to inform you about a new function called “Stage Rollout” in Google Play dev Console.

After uploading a new APK, you can now click on the little arrow next to “publish”. You can choose to only let 5, 10 , 20, … % of your users to get that update (to release it later to ALL users). That’s pretty good to test unsafe features or features (or ads networks) you are not sure about if they work on all phones.

I saw no post about it and hope, I could help someone with it.

I couldn’t find the exact thing you are referring to, but I did notice the “BETA” and “ALPHA” versions of the APK you can now upload.
Looks cool, but I think it’s only worth doing for big time apps.

well maybe its because I feel like a betatester on gplay all the time xD

e.g. i could reply to comments a long time ago, think it will be there for all, soon