Registering Google Developer account failed

So, I’m trying last two days to register another developer account, using non-personalized visa credit card. I registered two accounts already with those cards (different ones of course). Now, I’ve tried yesterday to register one account in virtual machine using VPN and I got this message:

THE PAYMENT FOR THE REGISTRATION FEE HAS FAILED. In order to access your account, you need a successful registration fee payment.


We were unable to verify your account information.

Today I tried with different card, new one, and the same thing. What’s the problem? Maybe VPN? Or virtual machine?

won’t VM also have same IP address as the host OS?

Well, I’m using VPN so no. I tought maybe Google don’t accept non personalised card anymore.

AFAIK , Google use the AVS to verify the cards used for payment ,
thank means the card you are using have to be registered with your name and address at its issuer ,
So even though the card is valid and loaded Google may not accept it if the AVS failed .

I used the same card, I mean same kind of card but different card number, a month ago without a problem. What’s changed?

Why don’t you try using card of some of your family member and use their email.

Well, one of these cards was my girlfriend’s, and new email address. It’s a non-personalised Visa gift card. I used it before, a month ago, only mine, but also Visa gift card.

Well, I use Google App Engine, and there is a massive thread there about Google failing to bill, claiming the CC was declined, and then threatening to terminate services.

Probably your issue is because Google broke their ability to process credit cards.

So, what to do now? Is there a solution?

You are doing something sketchy (The fact that your are trying to use VPN to register account clearly indicates that) and you want people to help you?

I don’t want you to help me, so you can just go away. Please.

man , what are you ,
this community is not for you , it is about making money with android as the web site name indicates


Making money doesn’t mean making money illegally.
Now when will scum of android platform learn?

The problem is that the big guys (google, msft, ibm, …) decide what is legal and illegal. Even when you are honest, they would need a proof for you being honest.

How do they are know you are being honest without providing enough proof. Process exist for a reason.

I really think Google need to make opening a new account more conservative. There need to be a requirement to provide proper tax form and Business registration similar to what AAPL does.

There is lot of scum on android platform that need to be removed.

Yeah, scum like you.

haha lol.
@billyh i think it’s legal to have multiple google play dev account(as i saw in some google dev discussion)

the reason that this guy use a VPN is to lower the risk of getting banned both accounts together.

as we all know google suspend developers for stupid reasons(unlike apple) without giving warnings. and they don’t even bother to mention the reason. once you got banned, it’s a dead end. there is no way to complain.

so it’s totally natural that developers lowering their risks by creating multiple or backup accounts. i think google is somehow responsible for this.

Yes. When I publish an app they allow it. Then I publish another one, and another one. and I have for example 10 of them. Then after a month they delete 3 of them, and cause of multiple violations I got my account banned. My case. That’s not fair. They allowed my apps. If they deleted the problematic app in the first place with proper reason I would now what’s wrong and be more carreful. But no, they wait for you to publish more apps and then by random guess they delete 3 of them.

I had an app deleted cause of spam. But there was no spam. I copied the description from a popular app that’s been a long time around, without keywords on the bottom. Also, all my apps had the same description. But they only deleted one. Just random.

Copies the descriptions of others, and hope that they not ban your account?


Everyone does that. It’s not an app like Angry Birds or something like that, it was some generic app like wallpapers and stuff.