Register new google play acc?

registering a google play account need a new credit card,
so can i use the name and address of mine which are
used for the previous credit card which also is used to
make a google play account? Will i be banned or not?
solution for this problem?

Just use virtual credit card without AVS (google for it) and with fake name and address.


Not sure about Entropay but Qiwi works great.

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and transit cards can’t be used to make purchases on Google Play.

I used neteller for ny gp acc

how to create a virtual phone number?

Try Textfree Web for Free Unlimited Texting From Your Computer

it only support usa.

Worked with neteller?

Neteller is blocked by google. I think nothing will work except real visa card.

I have been using my gp account for several months now and I used neteller. Maybe because of the country I live in (the Netherlands)

I tried Neteller 5 times, so 5 different cards, and it didn’t work. Failed verification. Every time they charge you 3$ to create card, and I think 13$ to get the money back to the bank.

i think need:

  • new card
  • new email
  • new ip
    is this enough??