Referral Program Like StartApp

I am searching for referral program like StartApp which pays in form of tires which i think is best. Is there any other ad network who has referral program like StartApp.?

Some time ago I put together a list of referral programs here: List of ad networks with affiliate programs - Making Money With Android Wiki

Feel free to contribute if you spot anything which needs updating! :slight_smile: Would be great to keep a conclusive list available in one place, since this question comes up a bit.

[b]Mobilecore [/b]pay in the same way for referral earnings :slight_smile: You can earn from 100$ to 10,000$

100,000 impressions - 100$

1,000,000 impressions - 400$

10,000,000 impressions - 1000$

50,000,000 impressions - 3500$

100,000,000 impressions - 5000$


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2) STARTAPP - Get 2390$ for every 25,000,000 impressions for FREE JOIN NOW !!!
3)Mobilecore - earn upto 10,000$ from 100 million impressions .