Redirecting users of an old app to new one


Currently I have 3 old apps with about 15k downloads each, and now I’v created a new app with the features of the 3 old apps, and I thought maybe to send an update to the old apps, that when the user will enter to the app he will be redirected to the new app in the Play store.
What do you think about that? My goal here is to create a lot of downloads on the first days, so that my app will get high ranking in tables.


That’s a good idea. I am using it myself with my games. I have a fullscreen banner in my old games telling users about my new game. I’m getting around 40 downloads each day from the old game’s users.

Should be ok to google too. I don’t see any violation.

I am now going to display full screen banner, I want to do something more aggressive, to open the play store with my app (start an intent in the onCreate method).

I think that is against google policies and you might get your apps banned.

Why is that?

Misleading users into thinking an app is about something when it’s about something else?

The new app contain the feature of the old app, but with so much more features.
This isn’t spam or advertisment, I simply want to transfer my old users to the new better app.

yes. as long as users are notified about what has happened. you are good to go. Also mention about the new app in the description of older apps.

I’ll let you know the results