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Recording video of android app for promotion


I want to record a video of my app but don’t have good camera. Is it possible to record the video using some windows screen recorder software.

The eclipse plugin allows to take screenshots of the phone but not record video.

Any ideas?


Use screengrabber software and the emulator. Most will also record video.

I use snag it which records video and sound from whatever is on your screen, just set the boundaries. This old version is free v7.2.5. Newer versions cost $$.

Old Version of SnagIT 7.2.5 Download -

And if the emulator is too slow (especially tablets!), try

If you use an x86 avd and Intel haxm acceleration the emulator is a lot faster. See the part here about Configuring Virtual Machine Acceleration:

I am not getting how these software help me. I already have camstudio and BBFlash Back softwares installed on my machine. The problem I am facing is how do I bring the current running app on my android to the desktop for recording.

The Devices tab in Eclipse ADT plugin just takes the screenshot and doesn’t allow a video to be created.
Probably I need something which can stream the current view of my android phone to Windows.

I hope I am not missing anything.

Either run your app on your computer with the emulator or bluestacks and record it with cam studio.

You can use the Ashot software (Android Screenshots and Screen Capture) - Android Screenshots, Screen Capture, Screen Cast | Mighty Pocket

Ashot is just a screen capture (screenshot) software. Not suitable for creating promo videos for my app.

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have you tried genymotion? Easy to use virtual machine. Way faster than emulators

Or you could just create a short video of still screenshots from your app with some promotional text and background music.

Hi, I used to get an explainer video for my new App. You can look here if you want to see what you can get for five dollar.

Thomas, it would be great if you could share the fiverr link for that one. Thanks in advance.

Belunch, sure I guess the guy wouldn’t mind… make demo video or review video of your ios or android app - fiverr
I can’t do it like that for five bucks.

You can record the video of your app by installing it on your phone and the connect the phone to your pc then issue the following command from the terminal
adb recordvideo
and it will start video recording of your phone screen after that just pull the video from your phone and start editing :slight_smile: