Recommended Android Live Wallpaper Builder?

Hello friends,

I am looking for an Android Live Wallpaper Builder that supports AdMob, do you know some of them?

Thank you very much to all!

I would like to know this also! +

If you’re looking for an option to quickly create (no coding required) Android live wallpapers , and ringtone apps check out:


It’s free to use and has a built in ad-serving portal so you don’t need to worry about monetization.

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There is a unity plugin that builds your current scene as a lwp

You can implement a settings screen in two ways:

1- Use the preferences framework so that the XML preferences file auto-creates the preferences layout and all its functionality
2- Write the activity yourself, i.e. on loading show the current preferences, as they are shown, save them, using a normal layout XML file that you create

I suspect you are adding the AdMob object to an XML file that cannot handle it, and can onlky handle preference items. Please post your XML file, and specify what casting error you are seeing.

If you want ultimate control over the contents of the preferences screen, then implement it yourself as a normal activity, and then you can do anything you want.

There are a number of apps available over the market which could help you in building like Live Wallpaper Builder etc. Try searching for such app over he Google Playstore !