Recommended Ad network for game getting decent 'more games' button clicks?

Hi Guys

I’ve got a game with a simple ‘more games’ button which is currently pointing at the ‘more games page’ on google play. This button is getting around 120 to 180 clicks per day.

What’s a good Ad network to take advantage of that ?

Rather than a banner advert is it possible to get the ‘more games’ button to show a pop-up with games or product links from the ad network?

As you can tell by my questions I am a novice at using Ad networks. I was thinking of starting with Admob but based on the poor eCPM rates people seem to be reporting maybe that’s not a good idea?


Not sure where you got the

poor eCPM rates people seem to be reporting
thing, but alas Admob doesn’t have App Walls anyway.

AppBrain have a good App Wall, although unless you get permission from them, you cannot call it directly. You have to show a prompting screen to the user asking if they’d like to see the App Wall first.

I think SendDroid have an App Wall, although I haven’t really used it before.

AppFlood have an App and Game Wall which lots of people here have had success with, especially in games.

There are probably many others, but that’s my two cents.

A1ka - Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t ruled out a simple banner Ad but I personally don’t like them. Can you (or anyone else) point me at some recent real world figures for Admob.

I will check out the AppBrain and Appflood offerings.

Anyone else got any suggestions?

Here’s my Admob banner stats for the last 7 days (in £ currency, traffic from loads of different Geos including US,UK,EU,ASIA):


Thanks A1ka1inE

  • That’s encouraging. I’m going to give Admob a try and separately look at what I can do with the ‘more Games’ Button but probably separately

Hey MetaDude,

You can call the StartApp 3D app wall from your “more games” button.

It will call our latest ad unit, which we are seeing very good engagement with.

Check it out in this video - The 3D Ad: Our Latest Ad Type | StartApp

All the best,