Recent startapp ecpms

Is it just me have startapp ecpms been really bad the last couple weeks and getting worse? Anyone else having this problem? Hopefully they go up again soon because Ive definitely had some wonderful ecpm with them in the past but last couple weeks its just baaaad. Am I just unlucky or is this happening to others as well?

The fluctuation of eCPM depends on your App too. I’m using both Startpp and Adsota. The combination is wonderful. You can find adsota by googling “ads.appota”

thanks for the spam!

For me drop like 50% from May in the same amount of impressions and traffic :frowning: The ads template looks nice and portal looks more professional , but ecpm drop on half and revenue also :frowning: Im thinking about change ad network , because it is to looong :frowning: With ad network can u propose to change ?

It has dropped a lot for me too.
But in the end if I compare Interstitial eCPM it’s still quite better than other networks I tried (MobileCore, HeyZap, Avocarrot).
I think Appodeal may give higher revenue but I will wait they release a new SDK before trying them.
Now I am also trying FAN and Admob, they seem to have higher eCPM but are quite a pain to deal with. (pre approval and poor fill rate for FAN, bad rules for Admob)

SDK v.13 has already been released by Appodeal.

I was thinking there was going to be a new SDK soon with splashscreen and other interesting stuff?

Oh, right. Still working on splash screens and startapp integration.

Mostly I was waiting for a splash screen, as I still didn’t understand if with Appodeal you can disable Admob ads to be shown at App start (but still show other networks).

Every month revenue goes down :frowning: People learned how to close ads :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that startapp ecpm is still better than mobilecore and other

The sudden demise of StartApp has been discussed a lot here and on other forums. It’s a really sad sad thing. They are still a good network with decent ECPMs but they used to be top 3 for a long time , now they are just … average :frowning: