Receiving payments from Airpush in India through wire. Please help.

I have few hundred dollars in the account and am eligible for payout. I do not use Paypal and there is
the option for wire.

It is asking for

Beneficiary name, address, beneficiary bank name, bank address, bank IBAN and SWIFT code.

The form does not mention anything about Beneficiary account number.

Also banks in India do not use IBAN. Where do I put my bank account number?

I have tried the Airpush Live Chat and no one is online.

How do I get my payment?

There is a option to enter your beneficiary bank account number. Read it again. There is no need to put IBAN for Indian banks.

Use a reputed foreign bank because local banks do not have direct SWIFT accounts. You may want to check with ICICI or Axis and ask them if they can receive money without going through intermediary banks. Your best bet is to use HSBC or citibank

PS: I don’t live in India anymore, but I always used HSBC.

With paypal, I get charged about 1%. Wondering how much those banks are going to charge for receiving money?

IBAN is is your account number dude. just enter your account number in IBAN field and you will receive your money.

Are you able to receive the money after entering the IBAN number with Bank account details.

What you have entered for SWIFT code details.

In India not every branch of every bank is swift enabled, but they usually give you Swift code of the nearby branch which will receive your money and then transfer it to your account.

Late reply.

I’ve used wire transfer with SBI. Just put this common SWIFT Code – " SBININBBFXD " ,if your branch does not have any. My branch also does not have swift no.
You’ll get money within 2-3 days. Rs. 25+ service charge
More details

Hi there,

Not sure if your issue is resolved yet but just put in your account number in the IBAN field.

PM me if you need any help.



It was resolved a long time ago.



Thank you for contacting Airpush Support. We have forwarded your query to concern department, will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Pravallika konkimalla

that massage generated by airpush support team and says your issue will be solve in 24 hour but it’s almost 72 hour done but there are no response from airpush side and no feedback…anyone tell me about that …?

Hi Saraf,

I have already been in contact with you on this issue. I have spoken with my team and your payment will be released on the next weekly payment cycle.



Finally i receive my payout from Airpush.
Thank you Airpush.