Receiving payment complications Help!

Hey all,

So it went like this.
I wanted to receive payments from my ad network, I contacted support and chose the “paper check” option. I filled out my name and country (Pakistan) and address. Now I am very young still and don’t know much about payment procedures. I probably should have asked someone before doing anything. I am out of the country but thought one of my family members could open a bank account in my home country(pakistan) in my name. Apparently this was not possible since I wasn’t physically there. (Of course what was i thinking!). I decided to wait for the check to arrive. I waited for over a month (asked family there if it had arrived) and then contacted support. They give me an invoice and told me that I would have received an electronic check and that I should contact my bank.

Now the problem is I don’t know anything about electronic checks and furthermore I haven’t given any bank account details to my address network since I chose the paper check option. Shouldn’t my address network know my bank details to send an electronic check? Or are they messing with me ? I will be able to open an account in my home country in about 6 months. But will I still be able to withdraw the money after 6 months.?

I hope someone can please clear this up for me. Please forgive me for my stupidity.