Received a notification about keyword!

Hello all
So this is probably my first serious notification and I have no idea why. It reason was violation of spam (such as keywords or repetitive contents). I absolutely have no spam in there. No keywords, no repetitive words, and concise description. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I put it the description and title in 2 languages (without adding a new language tab). I see this done in many apps so I really doubt this is the reason.
Anyone got similar thing recently? Offcourse I appealed it and I will see what they say

Hard to tell without looking at your app
Can you please share your app’s link?

Yea post a link so we can see what it could be

yea try posting a link so we can guide you

Yea i dont think developers here are generally big fan of posting links.
Anyways my appeal was accepted :slight_smile: :), so Google does have humans looking at doing reviews which is a very good thing