Real Bad Bug in Appodeal SDK

Found a real bad bug in appodeal sdk today, If you rotate your device like one time then ads come flooding in non stop. for example you are in portrait mode then suddenly rotate device to landscape, ads come flooding in until your app crashes.

Activity restarts whenever there is switching between screen modes.

I think duplicate copies of appodeal SDK init() is getting called in such cases.

As a workaround,you can define one sceenmode in your manifest if your app/game allows it untill the final fix.

by the way thanks for the info.

Thanks for the report.
Will check and fix.


I’m Andrew, Android SDK developer.
Can you provide integration code you are using and you apk and I’ll investigate you issue. I was unable to reproduce your issue in our test app
My guess is that the code in onCreate/onStart/onResume methods are the issue, because those methods are called on screen rotation when activity is recreated

Hi andrew
I faced the same problem and it is only with some of the ads that rotate the screen. I was using a galaxy tab when I test the ads. When the ads started, it rotated the screen from landscape to portrait and the problem started after that. I had to reboot my device because I couldn’t close the ads screen or the popup error message that keeps popping up.

That’s exactly it. Also I noticed ads load much faster and smoother if you set target sdk to 21 in manifest so if you guys using appodeal then set target sdk to 21, and despite only 50% fill rates i am making more with them than any other adnetwork for google play apps, for some of my apps they even performing better than bundle2.

I was pretty sour with them when I integrated them when they first came out and got an app suspended because the ads would show out of app, but I saw they updated sdk a few times since then, so i decided to try them again and so far so good and earnings are like 10x versus mobilecore. Mobilecore i was getting low impressions and 20 cent ecpm rates, appodeal despite a 50% fill rate im getting much much more impressions and like $3 ecpm rates.

Will you please share what ad units you are using with appodeal for better results?
I want to user Banners too.

interstitial and banners getting 40 cent ecpm on banners which is good. around 3 on interstitial ads, video ads around 8 ecpm some apps i use video on exit, and in my torrent movie streaming app (popcorn time clone) i have a video ad that plays before user can watch a movie.


hear i posted my report with appodeal if may be this report help you.