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How compliant is now Mobario with the GP policy?

200% ? 500% ? Maybe 1000%?:rolleyes:

As you already know, we had one issue back in December and since our fix, we have not had any issues with GP policy.

Our app used to be out-of-app, and now it is only in-app. Since this change there has been not issues and we believe that you will find us 100% compliant. If you feel that there are issues still to be improved, please let us know so we can improve.

Thanks, and I hope you will give us a try.

Do not use mobario! They are scam! I lost because of them few hundred dollars!

i lost a whole account because of them… They were saying they will open new accounts at their expense ( see old posts by mobario-man) for all the people that lost apps and accounts - nothing happened, pure lies.
Get me a new account MOBARIO as promised and i will put a really nice game with your ads to test and report here the results. Deal?

You could file a lawsuit against them

do you have time for lawyers? i dont. just make a new account and keep making money

I had exactly the same situation… later they offered 20k downloads for free instead of the account. But they did not give this also… SCAM