Ready for Mobvista In-app SDK V2.0.0 !

Dear All,
[b]Mobvista[/b] is struggling to offer more eye-catching animations, which will encourage users to engage with the ads, and higher user engagement results in higher eCPM.

In Mobvista In-app SDK V2.0.0, we are proud to introduce our latest ad units.

3D Full-screen ad
The 3D Full-screen ad shows three highly-recommended free ads in user’s screen, they will appear in rotation when your finger moves, our research shows that this 3D full- screen achieves very high eCPM through its attractive 3D design.

Float-wall ad
The Float-wall ad adds a unique and engaging entrance animation for our users, when users click the float icon, an Appwall will be shown in front of the user interface of the app. What’s more, the float icon is completely customizable for developers, you can use any cartoon character or icon fit for your app, or using our own default float icon prior to the advertisement.

App-wall ad
App wall is a page that appears within your app that offers users new free apps they like. With multiple entrances, users can access app wall page during a natural break. With our advanced algorithm, only the best app has a place in the wall, all the shown apps are the best.

Banner ad
Banner ads are the mainstays of online and mobile app advertising. Unlike other ad types, banner ads hardly affect user experience. With creative design and natural rotation, Mobvista banner brings publishers impressive eCPM.

In addition to ad units, the new version of sdk offers better user experience, faster ad loading speed, and more advanced algorithm, we also fix some bugs put forward by our developers, we are ready to give an highly integrated sdk for better eCPM.
What are you waiting for? Download the latest version of our in-app sdk and start to increase your revenue!

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Your SDK is too buggy for me:)

Not at all. :smiley:

Hi! This is new version of our SDK. Hope you will like it:)

I hope the new sdk will be better than the previous one

Is it possible to skip(close) interstitial by Back button in this new version ?
If no - please implement it!

oh, it will be in the next version!

Yes, it will be better!
And any questions, comments, suggestions you can send me email [email protected] or contact me on skype: helen.gong7

We attach importance to every feedback from you:)

Ok, thanks. So I’ll wait for the next version.

Hello, i am using Mobvista for couple of days and i don’t have any installs. Can you tell me why?
Here is the pic of my Dashboard: