[RATE EXCHANGE]Maze City: Bomber Adventure - Bomberman Comeback

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Maze City: Bomber Adventure is a brand new arcade game developed and published by iBit Game Studio.
The game features hundreds of dungeons in Maze City, with creative monsters, traps, moving obstacles, treasure boxes and more.
Player controls the bomber hero fighting ferocious monsters, looking for the keys to the final gate.
His only weapons is a small pack of bomb - boom (dynamite). Use it wisely or he will end up in monster’s stomach!
Victory is not for the faint of heart!

How to Play:

  • Use direction buttons to move the player
  • Use the bomb button to plan bomb. Regular bomb will explode after 3s
  • Bomb size and damage varies based on items you found
  • Items may boost character stats (but there might also be side effects!)
  • Avoid monster and bomb explosions!
  • Defeat all the monster, find the key to the next level
  • And don’t forget the stars, you will need them to unlock the next episode.

Game features:

  • Onscreen game controller
  • Blazing fast action
  • Smart monsters
  • Huge dungeons with many type of monsters (maze style)
  • Breakthrough game play
  • Huge collections of item under hidden treasure boxes
  • Score and star assessment system
  • Amazing effects
  • And much more!

Future Update:

  • Multiplayer player via Bluetooth, WIFI or Data Network.
  • New monsters, levels
  • New type of bombs, dynamites

Try to get the maximum of star after each level!!!
Enjoy Maze City: Bomber Adventure and support us by leaving comments. Thanks
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vn.ibit.mazecity

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