[RATE EXCHANGE] Coffee Addict: Match 3

Hey everyone!

New here, but struggling to gain ground in the Play Store, so any ASO advice or game feedback would be very much appreciated. (Especially device compatibility, etc.)

The free version is here:

If you’re up for a rating, I’d def appreciate it. And reciprocate. But installs alone would be fantastic (just don’t uninstall for at least 30days to avoid the hit if the games isn’t your fave).

Thanks & I look forward to playing your games!

G+ed, rated 5* and commented it as Heiri Mulano. It’s fun. :slight_smile: Just two recommendations: the “level intro” with the coffee stuff falling down should be a bit faster. And I’d improve that coffee addict guys graphics. The other graphics are ok, imo. :slight_smile:

Please do the same for Tap The Right Gems. Thanks!

WOW, that was really hard! :slight_smile: Reciprocated.

“Level Intro” as in the start of each level where the pieces are loading? I’ll note that, thanks!

What’s wrong w the addict’s art? And, what resolution is your device? First I’ve heard of any complaints on the addict. He’s the best part! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

It’s hard for me to tell you what I mean, as I am very bad with graphics. But I’ll give it a try: I think the addict as a character is great! But the art reminds me of those early flash games and doesn’t really fit into the rest of the graphics. Maybe I would add z few gradients or something to make it look more polished. But don’t take it too serious - as I said, I’m not good with graphics. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, I could send you a modified version of your app icon to show you what I mean. Well, if I get the time of course. :slight_smile: