Quiz Champion - Income Report

So my first app - Quiz Champion (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitaltreegames.quizgame) is live on Google Play.
Whilst it does not have many downloads, as it has not yet crossed the 5k mark, I am providing the information to those who are in a similar phase as me. I hope you find it useful and also provide me with some feedback:

November 1 - November 25



Geez… man… red letters on blue background. Clean up your design, my eyes are burning!! At least spend those $15 you’ve earned on that (fiverr.com?)…

you need to generate more impressions. With applovin, I think they count less number of impressions or their fill rate is less.

Thanks for your feedback. I am not a designer and no one else has mentioned this to me before you, but I do see your point. :slight_smile:
I paid $75 for the art of the buttons and achievements :slight_smile: But I have been told that fiverr is a better place for art.

75$ for that so called design … bullshit) By googling u could get better designs… however i didn’t see any kind of designs…

Atleast please avoid the red colour in the buttons and replace it with a pleasant one. This colour will drive away the users.

$50 for the background image on the main page and the buttons. -> elance.com
$25 for the 10 achievement images. -> fiverr.com

Thanks for the suggestion.