Questions about Mopub

Hi. I am currently using Admob but looking to switch to Mopub just in case. I was wondering if anyone who has used Mopub could answer a few questions, as I can’t find the answers online.

  1. Which of Mopub’s networks offer the bottom ad banner (

  2. Do I have to sign up to each of Mopub’s networks and then link them?

  3. Is Mopub CPM or CPC? If CPM, do I get a higher CPM if I get more clicks? What average CPM / CPC are you getting?

  4. When do they pay?


While I can not answer your question, I’d like to point out that instead of switching mediation networks, why not do it yourself?
Enhance™ will allow you to add any network to your app in a few minutes, no hours wasted on each sdk. Once you are done, you can manage them from your dashboard.
Enhance™ will also soon be offering banner ads too.