Questions about current ad networks (app with 30M downloads +)

Hello Guys, I have been away for long time, on this forum, and on game development market, some people might remember me,

I am owner of the very successful game, Construction City, with 30 million + downloads worldwide (all stores, not play store only)

I am about to update my game to refresh ad network SDKs etc, and I was thinking about adding some new ad network, however something not intrusive,

been thinking about some anonymous data gathering ad networks as they contacted me, however I am not to sure if its legit with Play Store rules (and I am strongly believed its NOT)

Anyone can recommend anything?

I have also started developing an epic sequel of this game, so wish me luck,

Cheers guys.

My advice , do not risk you game
you can try this adnetwork with a smaller game or app first then if it goes fine you can scale it

"data gathering ad networks "

Don’t. This will instantly get your account banned on Google. They have algorithms that check for this specific thing, and trust me, you’re not smarter than those algorithms and the ad networks either.

All ad networks collect quite a lot of data, Admob being one of them.
Your game, and all SDKs / plugins you use have to be compliant with:

My 2 cents based on facts and legal opinion :slight_smile:

Can I ask, how do you monetize it currently?

Hi Matthewek,

I hope you will be able to give the latest Airpush Standard SDK version a try. It includes our 360 abstract banners and smart wall ad units without any obtrusive data collection. All of our SDKs have been verified by numerous publishers as all 100% Google Play compliant.
You can review our interactive demo site here: Airpush Publisher Demo

Shoot me a PM to chat further


Hi @Matthewek,

First of all - I really like your game. Good for you. And I do hope the next one repeats the success of the first one. I actually wish that for my apps as well.

Second - if you’ve been browsing this forum, you can certainly understand why picking any shady ad networks is definitely not the right solution. It might not be life-changing, but it might get you some reasonable earnings. Don’t risk it man. So many of developers got banned because they used Mabario and other horrible networks that made so many false promises.

Third - I would take Appnext - their SDK is solid, easy to use, good dashboard, best support ever. I actually use their API as well for native ads in one of my games, and it’s pretty cool (if you have time to work with APIs… it takes much more time for me).
Since you can’t really know if Appnext is best network for you (no one can) - I would pick a spot in the game, give that spot to 2-3 networks and run them together for 2-3 weeks in the same ration. Then evaluate the earnings and pick 1-2 to stick with. There are other names here - Mobvista, Avocarrot, MC, etc… many of them are really good. it’s just a matter of finding what’s good for you.

Just pick the ones that do not get their apps banned…that’s the most important advice I can give you. It’s just not worth it.

Good luck!

Hi Matthewek,

Give [b]Supersonic [/b]a try! Our lightweight SDK delivers interstitials, offerwall and rewarded video with free video ad mediation. If you’re looking for non-intrusive ads, nothing beats our offerwalls. Great traffic, over 500 millions quality users and an endless inventory of advertisers. Our SDK is 100% compliant with Google Play, the App Store, Adobe Air and Unity.
We’d gladly offer you 50$ to try outSupersonic’s network. PM me to discuss!

hello @Matthewek

You can keep your current ad networks and just add an additional revenue stream with your app with Pollfish which provides minimal intrusion and high payouts. Actually most of Pollfish devs use Pollfish along with other ad networks, mostly AdMob just to boost their current revenue.

Integration is silly fast and takes only a few minutes. Please have a look below on how Pollfish surveys are rendered through an app! If you have any questions just pm me :slight_smile:

What kind of ad formats you need? For new format and yet not intrusive, Pollfish is worth a try.

Thumbs Up for PollfishIf you are looking for non intrusive monetization. You can even reward your user after completing a short survey.

First off, congrats on getting a hit success. If you’re looking to refresh ad networks, take a look at our ad unit. We have the most unique ad unit out there. Our ads are playable mini-games centering around a video ad. They’re short little bursts of fun and engaging ad units that players actually find enjoyable.

Our tech is also SDK free so we work very nicely with your code. Happy to get an engineer to walk you through the tech as well. Send me a PM if you’re interested!

Best of luck with the sequel, I’m looking forward to it!

Hi Matthewek,
can you tell us which are the others stores around the world beyond play store


Why not integrate like 6 different ad networks like I did.
Then have it where you can read text from a SQL database or website so you can turn on and off which ever network you want.
This lets you test which ever ad network you want and you can change the ad network instantly whenever you please.

Thats what I’m doing right now.

Why don’t you use ad mediation platforms?

Can you share some stats of pollfish on GP and 3rd party stores?
I want to compare with mine.

I’m new to all this…
What is an ad mediation platform?
I will be pissed if I did 2 weeks worth of work, when I could have used an ad mediation platform to do all the work lol.

Mediation is a framework which gives independance to the developer to choose ad networks.
You can use it either for ad testing purpose or for switching among the networks.

you need to fill the corresponding ad units info into the mediation settings and then switch between the networks. it takes 2-3 hours for any selected network to take effect.

hope it helps.

Congratulations for your unbelievable success! If the GP version has less than 10MM where are the other 20MM?

I’ll also give a thumbs up to Pollfish. The fill isn’t as high as I’d hope but when they do have a survey available the payout is great.

We have a universal SDK system if you are interested. It’s technology that we developed internally to manage the 2000+ games in the FGL Mobile Platform. Managing SDK integration and updates across so many titles was a huge burden. Now we have a single client adapter that you would integrate. Then you upload your APK to our site and we’ll inject in your selected 3rd party SDK networks and connect them to the calls you made to our adapter. Then as those SDK has updates and we integrate with new partners you can get access to all of them without having to make any additional code changes.

We have a good mix of networks that we actively mediate. In particular there are some great rewarded video opportunities for US users which pay $40+ CPM (net to you) and are high quality brand ads. I’d be happy schedule a call to review your game and ad strategy in detail.

Here are some of the accounts we manage: