questioned Notifymob slow support , then saw my weekly pay of $15-20 go to .35 cents

As you might know I was a heavy supporter of Notifymob and in the beginning Notifymob had the best EPCM in the buisness and the fastest paying which they paid every time you reach $25 every friday. But over time their support became slack and they were slow to answer emails and basically ignored any questions I had until I post in forums. Then Notifymob questions me saying why did I post in forums when I can contact them directly. I told them their support is to slow , I can’t wait 2 weeks or more for questions to be answered.
So to teach me a “lesson” or try to “spank” me they cut my payment to 35 cents , basically robbing me to shut me up. I was earning between $15-20 a week and suddenly I only earn .35 cents. Instead of shutting me up , this will cause me to become louder. Be careful when dealing with Notifymob , just shut up and accept your pasyments is the message Notifymob is sending. I refuse to listen. Here is the proof

Notifymob contacts me and says that they are paying properly and that drops like this are normal. I responded by saying do you think I am stupid. Be careful when dealing with Notifymob , this kind of drop is very bad. I am scared to see tommorows pay. Iam figuring since I exposed this , now the payments will be higher than normal to keep developers faith in Notifymob high. I expect to see record breaking numbers on Friday.

I told many times in the past that notifymob is not professional. Look at their website, couple good quality images from some stock, not so many informations, couple times server down when they noticed big traffic, so they haven’t even good machine to serve ads. Even yesterday main site was down for couple hours, so pathetic. You should use:
-appnext (for your results monthly payment)
-airpush (monthly for you)
-mobvista (weekly $50)
-mobilcore (weekly)
Look in notifymob thread at stats, earnings, impressions. Results are really, really low. It seems they gave some cash+bonus to lure developers and grab their cash. Some guy in this thread had 700k impressions and …150+ $ earnings, it’s not normal.

Notifymob also contacted me on PM that I don’t understand statics. Yes, 3,5 years in android advertisement and I don’t understand stats. With these impressions this guy should get 200-350$ in all ad networks what I listed.

I found out other people were facing the same issue when I brought it up in another forum.

I questioned Notifymob slow support and then saw my weekly pay of $15-20 go to .35 cents

They contacted me some time ago, but finally I decided to don’t work with them. I saw earnings from people posting, and I think as @ramzixp, really low for the traffic.

Lol this week you might get $50

Haha yeah I wish !!!

I checked the Notifymob thread and just as I suspected people are making less now but have 4 to 5 times the impressions. It’s funny seeing numbers like 1.5 million impressions and the developer only earns $200-$300 bucks maybe $350 on a good week. Yep Notifymob is slowly going down now. In a couple months they won’t even exist just like all the other AD network that have come and gone.
The part that really makes me laugh is when Notifymob explains that $200-$300 is big money for 1.5 million impressions. Then Notifymob rep tells the developer it’s his fault he is not making money. I told Blake to stop talking to people like they are stupid but he didn’t listen. Now people are leaving Notifymob left and right. Don’t listen to Notifymob when they say they are getting larger , more growth. Haha where is the proof of growth? Developers are making less than ever now with them.