Making Money with Android

question for StartApp exit ad users

I moved an app over to StartApp to use the exit ad because i was really getting tired of the leadbolt virus notification reviews from users. I have other apps on the StartApp system but they are all low end apps that i just released and cant get any good data from. They just haven’t gotten the downloads yet to see anything useful.

So my question is with an average of 10k to 15k impressions per day (9k active users) what kind of eCPM and revenue do you guys see? I will report back with what i end up with after a week to show my average per day.


Im getting 8-11 usd wth 10-15k impressions

ecpm 0.45$ for a global app and 0.10 for Asian apps! i’m switching to airpush smartwall

ah ok so that pretty much right in line with what i moved from then.