[Question] Backlinks ASO

I was searching how to increase my ranking with one keyword without describe it on description (to avoid DMCA). Does backlinks affects ASO?
Do you recommend 50k backlinks package on fiverr?

I am not sure, but wouldn’t it put you on some Google blacklist? I think stuff like that could do more bad than good to your app. I suggest getting some legit backlinks the old way, but maybe someone will have a better idea.

I read some reviews about HQ backlinks. But I really wanna know more about this

Yes backlinks help,but only from good websites. Anything on fiverr wont be worth it.

No you won’t get banned by Google

If you want to kill your app, go for it! :wink: Come on, it’s 2015, black-hat back-linking was left somewhere in 2012.

right as bluedot said, i am also not a big fan of getting backlinks for apps. still if u want then go for what Ankit has done for his music player as he says he got some benefit out of backlinks. use ahrefs.com or similar website to get links for

and do backlinking from same sources as above app. Again I don’t think backlinking helps in play store but yes it would help your app get ranked in google web search results for the anchor text that you use in backlinks.