Question about StartApp exit-ads

To StartApp customer service, if no one else knows the answer.

I would like to use the exit-ad as a sort of interstitial inside my app.
I implemented two different htmlAds that load() twice, but use the same Dev_ID and App_ID.
The first htmlAd is intended to show() on exit.
The second htmlAd is intended to show() very rarely during the app usage.

[li]Will these two htmlAds show different ads?[/li][li]In case the user clicks on both the ads, will they be considered two clicks, or just one because coming from the same app session?[/li][li]What about if the user should click twice on the second htmlAd that could be shown twice during the run of the app? Will they count as two clicks, or just one?[/li][/ul]

Thank you.

good question…

Hey Guys,

This specific ad unit was intended to show only at app Exit, although doable, we always recommend not to alter the original integration as it may results in bad results.

We are working on a couple of VERY cool ad units that you will be able to trigger at any point of the app, and those will be available in the coming weeks.

With that being said, if you have a specific question, feel free to email our support ([email protected]) and they will better assist you.


Anyone seeing any discrepancy on in-app revenue for 6-6-13…?
I mean my revenue for that day was well over $4 till yesterday…But now its shown as $2.1…There was a drop of around 50% for that day…In fact the no. of impressions for that day is comparatively higher than other days…


Hi amalvj123,

That’s indeed a strange behavior.

Could you get in touch with me via email? [email protected]

We’ll get to the bottom of this.


That was fast…Everything looks fine now…
Thanks Ariel…