Question about ad content policy

this is the part i have a question on in relation to leadbolt notification ads.

Ads Context
It must be clear to the user which app each ad is associated 
with or implemented in. Ads must not make changes to the 
functioning of the user’s device outside the ad by doing things 
such as installing shortcuts, bookmarks or icons or changing 
default settings without the user’s knowledge and consent. 
If an ad makes such changes it must be clear to the user which 
app has made the change and the user must be able to reverse 
the change easily, by either adjusting the settings on the device, 
advertising preferences in the app, or uninstalling the app altogether.

Ads must not simulate or impersonate system notifications or warnings.

Now the first part is pretty standard and since i show the leadbolt agreement it is all pretty much covered.

But the last part “Ads must not simulate or impersonate system notifications or warnings” gives me a bit of an issue. I am getting emails and reviews saying the users are getting android update notifications and virus warnings that at first look like they are from the phone not an ad. To me this would be breaking this rule.

The reason this troubles me is i know how much it sucks to have an app suspended and i don’t want that to happen again. This is treading quite close to the edge of the knife.

Is it just me or could this become an issue? Also has anyone else had an issue with this or gotten bad reviews/emails because of it?

My opinion: Push ads are not worth the risk,at least in play store(google will not reinitiate once deleted)…Why dont every one use AdWall insted…It generates more revenue and less bad reviews…

if you think about it you will understand not all phone apps lend themselves well for appwalls. for example a live wallpaper app has only 1 way to integrate an appwall but the user has to enter the settings of the app. And that happens pretty rare. Notification or icon ads are the only real recurring ad base for them.

No It is not just you. I also got that virus update/install stuff when clicked on their appWall. I clicked on a game, and before it took me to the market, it showed another ads about some shitty antivirus. It is already rare when people click on offerwall and download something, but when they have this bullshit coming out instead of the clicked and expected app/game… Have no idea why they do it.

They do it because there are tons of people out there who think it’s a legitimate alert and will go ahead on click on it. Push ads and Icon ads work for the same reason: there are many people using the Android OS that just don’t know any better. Any developer that uses these ads would never actually interact with the ads themselves if they were exposed to them.

Live Wallpaper and widgets…thats fair enough…

But this line “Ads must not simulate or impersonate system notifications or warnings” is what keeping me from integrating it in my widgets…