Question about games

I know that this is not correct category to ask, but I just wanted to know something.

Where this type of games are made?

libgdx? andengine? unity3d?

I just always made some tools / services, not games.

According to these 2D games,It’s difficult to tell you,because many frameworks can do this,as I see,firstly it’s not unity3d,if you can find the same game in Appstore,that means it’s a cross-platfrom game,maybe it’s made libgdx or cocos 2D,if it’s only android version,maybe andengine

andengine is dead, libgdx is dying, unity3d is the best tool for you nowadays, you can develop one time for:
-oculus rift
-and more

from alternatives, Unreal Engine 4 is free now but it’s hard for indie devs, teams with good c++ knowledge required. Unity is the best for mobile now.
Check some Corona also. Phonegap should be ok too with html5 development but it’s slow on many devices.

yes, cocos possible too, it’s not unity but we have to say, that unity from version 4, allows to use vector 2D objects and 3d isn’t required

Hello @Javanshir, just download the following app or any other relevant app:

and see what libraries each app is using :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I checked, they are mostly in Cocos, some in unity. Yesterday I did some research, mostly people were suggesting cocos, but I never heard of it :slight_smile: and yes, andengine / libgdx seem to be dead…

Why is libgdx dead? Doesn’t seem dead to me and to google trends

libGDX is not dead, at least not for 2D. I wouldn’t use their 3D engine though, there are so many much better alternatives.