Question about appnext HTML placement

Ok I have read the instructions to code in the HTML ADs. The only problem I have is the instructions don’ty tell you where to place the code for example take this basic HTML Document

<!idoctype HTML>



Ok now where do I place the code and do I need to use <script> tag around the code, thanks.

Put it before the </body>

You need to use the <script> tag

If there’s anythnig that is still unclear, I will connect you to the appnext IT team to help you. Ping me in private if needed.

Ok so I put it in like this



What part am i doing wrong?? Should I put it in a button for user to click or the ADs supposed to show automatically?

Ok I figured it out but the documentation is lacking on the appnext site. I placed the code within a button and then trigger the opening of webpage with onclick event.

found solution

Let’s talk more about this offline. If the documentation is lacking, I want to fix it so it will fit developers’ needs.