Question About Admob Policy Violation

Hi all,

I have question regarding what counts as violation for admob policy, especially the implementation of the interstitial ads to our apps. Do you think the cases below will be counted as violation to the admob policy?
A. A button in an activity of app which says “Recommended Offers (Full Page Advertising)” which, if clicked, will direct our users to an interstitial ad of admob. If the advertising is closed, it will redirect user to the activity in which the button located - Do you think this will count as “encouraging clicks” violation (especially with the wordings on the button which says “recommended offers”)?
B. Showing interstitial ad of admob when user want to exit the app using back button. After the user close the interstitial ad, there will be an exit confirmation dialog box (with view contain banner ad) - Do you think this will count as [b]“app exit” violation?
C.The combination of both in one activity - Do you think this will count as “repeated interstitial” voliation as they state “You should place no more than one interstitial ad after every two user actions within your app” (the user can click the button and then after he/she exits the resulting ad, directly goes to the back button for exit)

Hoping for your opinion on this matter. Thank you

The 3 mentioned scenarios violates admob policy…

Interstitials ads should be shown between activities , when a task complete, a game level complete…Not when exiting the app.

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